New Ways To Get The Mission(ary) Accomplished: Tips To Spice Up This Classic Position

22 Oct

Oh the missionary position. Typically described as “man-on-top and woman-on-bottom, this classic go to configuration is one that many couples have engaged in over the years. As legend has it, this position found its name from Christian missionaries because they believed this position to be the right, and only way, to have sexual intercourse. Other cultures, religions, and groups, have their own name for this position as well.

The missionary position is prized for its level of intimacy because of how close you can be with your partner. It lends itself to be great for eye contact, kissing, and is fairly low impact. But if you’ve grown tired of the standard missionary, try out one of these variations.

A Tight Squeeze

Ladies once your partner is inside, both of you keep your legs together. Move your pelvis so it is slightly below his and have him give you deep thrusts and rock against your mons pubis. The increased tightness from your legs being together will feel great to him, and because you are positioned slightly below his pelvis, the base of his penis should rub against your clitoris.

One Flight Up

While on your back, bring your knees to your chest and have your partner enter you. Move your calves to rest onto his shoulders and have him brace himself with his hands by your side. This position is great for your man to run the show and leaves you open for deliciously deep penetration. Fun fact for this position: it is awesome for anal too!

Give Me Props

Ladies grab some pillows and prop them under your butt. Have your partner enter you and hold himself above you (think upward-facing dog) and give you slow deep circular thrusting motions. This position is great for him because he gets greater access to you and the angle at which your pelvis is at is perfect for G-spot stimulation.

Erotic Embrace

Ladies this position plays out like standard missionary except you wrap your arms and legs around your partner. This position is great because it allows you to get maximum skin on skin contact with your partner and you are able to get great eye contact. You are able to easily give kisses, whisper sweet nothings, and caress your partners face. A rocking motion rather than thrusting can heighten the level of intimacy as well.

Seeing Stars

Begin having missionary style sex and as you approach climax, slide yourself to where your upper half is hanging off the edge of the bed. By now the blood should be rushing to your head and as you climax, you should experience an extraordinary sensation throughout your entire body. Don’t stay in this position too long because you may literally be seeing stars and pass out!

Try these exciting positions out and add the ones you like to your sex position repertoire! Missionary doesn’t have to be boring, so keep exploring and when it comes to sex, everything is OK here.

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