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Nobody Likes A Douche, Especially Your Vagina

4 Nov

What’s that in the bottom of the picture you ask? Is that my favorite house hold cleaner Lysol? Sure is! In addition to keeping your floors spic and span, Lysol makes for a great douche! I’ll let that sink in with you…

But don’t worry, you don’t use it at full strength, you dilute it. Helps ensure your daintiness plus no greasy after effect! No one likes a greasy vagina.

If you’re still with me, know that Lysol does not promote its product for vaginal cleanliness anymore. What a relief right? Who in this day and age wants to shove chemicals up in their vagina to help stay clean and fresh? Actually a lot of women…


Stop with the douching! Douching is not a healthy practice. It wasn’t good back then and it isn’t good now. Contrary to popular believe, the vagina is supposed to have a smell. Your smell changes depending on where you are in your cycle. Only when there is a strong odor should you be concerned, it could be a sign of infection. Douching upsets your pH and internal flora and that can leave you susceptible for infections like Bacterial Vaginosis.

Your vagina is naturally acidic, which helps keep bacteria in check, so when you flush out “the bad” you are also flushing out “the good.” Other risks of douching include PID, or pelvic inflammatory disease, and pregnancy complications.

Moreover, douching isn’t worth it. Your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like “Spring Rain” or “Mountain Meadow.” Keep it smelling as it should by washing with water or a little mild soap. There are lower pH soaps out there too that you may try. Keep your vagina happy, and with the exception of douching, everything is OK here.