What Not To Do: The Condom Challenge

23 Apr

CondomBreakSome of you may not have heard of the “Condom Challenge.” Don’t worry; you are not missing out on much. This is just another stunt for people to do to garner attention on the internet. I’m not even bothering to share a video because I don’t believe that it deserves spreading. Let me tell you how it goes. Someone unrolls a condom, puts the tip into one nostril, snorts it up their nose, and then pulls it from their mouth. Wow! That is some David Copperfield shit!

If you know of a friend who wants to do this “challenge” or has done it, politely ask them to extend one hand and promptly slap it while firmly saying, “NO!” This is stunt is terrible, dangerous, and a waste of a good condom.

This trick comes with a host of risks such as choking, vomiting, or even death. Obviously death is the worst case scenario, but there is still a chance. Good luck explaining why there is a condom stuck in your nasal cavity in the ER.

Here is my “Condom Challenge” – I challenge you to use a condom to have safer sex. To learn more about the condom and how to use it effectively, check out my post, Condom 101.

Ordinarily I say that everything is OK here, and it still is, except for the Condom Challenge. That isn’t OK.

One Response to “What Not To Do: The Condom Challenge”

  1. Steven April 23, 2013 at 12:02 pm #

    Ms. Megan, You are awesome! I couldn’t have said this better…

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