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The More The Merrier: The Ménage a Trois

19 Nov


Having a threesome is a common request among many males, but many women are interested in this activity too. The first thing when considering a threesome is consent. You should never try to force/coerce/bribe/guilt your partner into having a threesome. This is where honesty and communication come in. Make sure that this is something your partner wants to do and if you’ve got consent all around, you’re golden.

Now your next question may be ‘where can I find someone to do this with?’ There are plenty of options you can explore to find a third. Consider a close friend who both and your partner know! The benefit is that you already have a pre-existing relationship. If looking in your friend pool isn’t an option, try some personal sites. Make sure you exercise caution when trying to find someone online. I’d suggest talking to them and agreeing to meet before you ask them to join you in the bedroom. A club is a great place to meet someone too. This is something that you can do with your partner and find someone you both mutually find appealing. And one of the best locations to find someone to add to your play party is at an adult vacation club. Many open-minded couples will be in attendance and you should be able to find some prospects there, if not some great friends.

So now have consent and a third, what is the next step? Now is the time to discuss the rules. This is a very important step in negotiating a threesome. The conversation should include what behavior is ok and what is not. For instance, is on the mouth kissing ok with your third? Is that something that is going to upset your partner. Discuss different acts and ‘what if’ scenarios and get agreement all around before embarking on your sexual adventure.

So now your threesome checklist is complete; consent, a third, and the rules! Now the play can commence! There are many different configurations you can be in when having a threesome, but breaking the ice can be the toughest. I think one of the easiest ways to break the ice is with a triple kiss. It is something light and can let you gauge each partners willingness and from there, you can ease up or go in for more. And all of this advice can go for all sorts of configurations whether it is FMF, MFM, MMM, FFF, foursome, or moresome.

Don’t be afraid to try different things; you won’t be a pro at first. Your body is a sexual playground, so never leave your hands or mouths idle. Have fun playing and when it comes to sex and threesomes, everything is OK here.